Wednesday, June 2, 2010

TV Meme: Day Two - I'm good

Day 02 | A show that you wish more people were watching

Can I posthumously say Dollhouse?

Honestly, other than my now very much dead shows, there aren't shows on right now that I'm dissatisfied with the ratings.

Now, if we're talking shows my friends should be watching in particular? Yes, I'm annoyed that only TWO of my friends are watching Leverage. There is absolutely NO logic behind not watching it. For one thing, it's a summer show. It will not interfere with your damn Glee.

Secondly, Christian Kane!! HELLO?!?! If you're friends with me, you know who he is. You have HEARD him sing. You have SEEN him act. You have SEEN the hair.

Thirdly, it's so ridiculously geek friendly. The character of Hardison was WRITTEN for you people. For Christ's sake, it references Doctor Who minimally once every other episode.

Fourth, it's CHRISTIAN KANE.


Leverage is doing great. It's already set for season three, the fan base is smallish but strong and loyal. It's already had a convention. How many conventions did Gleeeee have? Hmmmmmmmmm?

So screw you guys. I don't need you to watch ANY of my shows. More Leverage love for me, and I get to feel superior to you all.



  1. How many episodes has Joss Whedon directed of Leverage? Heh, just joshing. It's totally one of those shows I SWEAR I'll somehow catch up on before I die (or you know whenever).

    Unlike you though, I prefer my Christian Kane with shorter hair. Whenever I see commercials, I keep yelling HAIRCUT! Ha.

  2. No haircut! *random Kaniac strolling by*

  3. Okay, that was my morning giggle. I just pictured the Random Kaniac literally walking by and yelling that at us. I LOVE IT.

    Also, Ry, if you saw Elliot flip his hair after kicking some ass, you'd appreciate the long hair. That's all I'm saying.

    Also? So many Whedonverse guest stars on Leverage, not even funny. But you wouldn't know, because you're satisfied with your ONE. :-p

  4. I tell you what... I'll make a deal with you. I will watch an episode of Leverage if... you watch the pilot episode of Lost.