Monday, June 21, 2010

TV Meme Day 21 - Ours is a forever love

I loved you with my last breath Day 21 - Favorite ship - Buffy/Angel (BTVS/Angel)

I take it I'm limited to real 'ships, right? My beloved unconventional ships don't apply here?


I started watching BTVS mid Season 2. Full fledged Angelus leather pants. I was immediately drawn into this star-crossed pain filled lover storyline. As I watched the season, and caught up on as many reruns as I could, I fell more and more in love with the couple.

I've heard all of the arguments. Angel's a 200+ year old pedophile, Buffy was a teenager who couldn't possibly be in love, blah blah biddy blah.

In Season 1, this argument could have worked. Buffy was extremely flakey and rather shallow. Post Prophecy Girl, this argument does not hold water. Buffy grew up SO much in the summer between Seasons 1 and 2. Not because she was a bratty hormonal teenager, but because she DIED, and fully embraced her role as the slayer. If it had been a physical change, she'd be 8 feet tall and weigh 300 pounds. For all intents and purposes, Buffy was more adult than almost all of the adults featured on this show.

Yes, Angel had been around for a very, very long time, but he was sired at, what, 17? Other than Darla, we didn't see him have real emotions for any woman other than Buffy. And you can't even include Darla in this, because it was soulless obssession and lust.

Their relationship grew and blossomed before our eyes, and then they made love, and the world went to hell. And my heart exploded with pain everytime Buffy cried over Angel, everytime Angelus did something to hurt her. And he got his soul back, and she sent him to hell. True sacrifice. The sacrifice of an adult.

Angel came back. And they attempted to stay apart. Angel showed very real, very strong remorse for what Buffy had been through. Yes, he was abusive to her when he lost his soul, but he showed 100x over how sorry he was and worked to regain her trust. Unlike some other abusive relationships Buffy was in later.

And to save her, Angel left. And the B/A world cried. And the few B/A moments we had in the next three years sustained all of us. I Will Remember You. Pangs. Forever.

I don't have the energy to look up the bullshit episode where Angel and Cordelia bumped uglies in Angel Season 4. But you know what?

He said Buffy's name. Yep, we all heard it, and we screamed with glee. We all almost came right there with him.

And in Chosen, the groundwork for hundreds of pieces of fanfiction was laid down. It didn't matter that she stupidly fucked Spike after all that happened. The cookie dough's in the oven, and the fans can be happy.

I love my Buffy/Angel more than any other conventional ship on any show.
Ether I'm borrowing all your albums, or I'm moving in. Hey. Where'd that come from?

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