Tuesday, June 29, 2010

TV Meme Day 29: Slacking again!

Coming to the end of the TV meme, and I've let it slip once more. Not totally my fault. I had a flake-out on one answer, then I got a brand spankin' new computer that rocks my world and distracted me from blogging. But I'm back now! I think.
Day 27 - Best pilot episode

Angel - City Of

This is kind of cheating, because it's a pilot for a spin-off show. But with this spin-off, Joss Whedon let his Buffy fans know what they were in for. This wasn't going to be a family friendly Buffy show. This was much more adult, and a lot darker.

David Boreanaz was never better on this show than he was in Season 1, especially right at the beginning. He was still broody, and still young enough to be a hot vampire. We got to meet Doyle, World's Best Sidekick (if there were a meme entry for Best Sidekick, it would be Doyle, btdub) and incredible comic relief on the show. Sadly Glenn Quinn's real life problems caused us to lose him halfway through the season in one of the greatest character deaths we had on any of the shows.

And we had the real Cordy. The bitch who didn't really care about anything and was really only helping Angel because she wasn't making any money and she could get something from it. She and Angel weren't in love, and life was shiny.

Great start to a fantastic season. And a great show that kind of sunk deeper and deeper into not so great, but was still amazing to watch.

"So are you still...grrr?"
"There's not actually a cure for that."

Day 28 - First TV show obsession

Clarissa Explains it All

There was no bad with this show, and I watched it religiously. Clarissa was the quintessential cool teen (was she even a teen when the show started?). I related to absolutely NOTHING about her life, and I wanted to live it. I wanted an annoying little brother and a hippie mom and a dorky dad. I wanted to dress like she did (which, in reality, was tragic), I wanted a computer like hers. I wanted to live in a two-story house so that my platonic guy friend could climb a ladder to visit me.

The show also referenced pop culture. Even today, a lot of teen shows will not reference current pop culture unless there's something in it for them, such as a guest appearance by an artist who needs publicity. In the very first episode, They Might Be Giants was name dropped. When Ferguson conned his father out of money to buy an INXS tape, Clarissa busted him by putting the tape into their stereo, and "Suicide Blonde" boomed out of the speakers. It should be noted that in the Season 1 DVD, they inserted generic fake music. Someone didn't want to pay royalties.

My favorite was that they did, in fact, reference Nirvana. It's the pop culture reference I immediately go to when discussing the show.

I wrote fanfiction for this show. I will say nothing more.

Day 29 - Current TV show obsession

I don't...have...one.

I'm obssessed with the fact that Dollhouse Season 2 is coming out on DVD soon, and I can't wait. Does that count? :(

Leverage. Castle. Top Chef.

Honestly, I haven't been obsessed about a television show since Dollhouse was canceled. It makes me sad not to get bouncy pouncy excited about a show anymore. In fact, three episodes of Leverage have aired, and I haven't watched them yet. This makes me so sad. I miss being excited about television shows.


  1. angel? really? my vote is still for firefly.

  2. I hear you on the generic music. They pulled the same thing on Quantum Leap, where so much of the setting was summed up by the music in the background.

  3. As much as I enjoyed this TV Meme, they really could've asked better questions. Like I loved your Best Sidekick answer!

    For me, I *think* I actually liked the last season of Angel. I mean definitely more than the previous season, but I guess that's not saying that much?