Wednesday, May 26, 2010

You want to have his little Castle babies

Castle premiered after the Bunny Cable Black-Out of 2008-2009. In fact, I had absolutely no idea what the show was about, other than that it starred Nathan Fillion.

Truth be told, that was all I needed to know, as I’ve been a serious fan of Fillion’s since his appearance on Buffy. I didn’t watch Firefly live, due to scheduling conflicts (and lack of DVR), so I couldn’t appreciate his Captain Tightpants until after the fact.

During the first season, I managed to watch exactly one episode, and that was during a trip to New York to visit my wonderful friend Mina. I was completely and utterly charmed by the show, which, considering the episode was about a body stuffed into a wall safe, is saying something.

I didn’t end up watching another episode “live” until the second-to-last episode of Season 2. This worked nicely, though, because watching them via the computer allowed me to make quite a few sound bytes to use as computer sounds.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sometimes bad guys make the best good guys

To anyone who has even a passing knowledge of me, it should be obvious that I’m a big fan of the TNT show Leverage. Not only is Christian Kane (Angel) one of the stars, but it’s got action, humor, and incredible writing.

I started strong watching the show from the first, and loved it, and then of course, lost my cable. Fun times. It took me til mid Season 2 to catch up, then again, I fell behind.

Season 3 starts next month, so I knew I had to be caught up and knowledgeable. Especially since I finally caved and got television service again. Go Direct TV. Boo Charter cable.

This is primarily my thoughts on Season 2, but I’ll also have some tiny reflections on Season 1.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Frakkin' New Addiction

It should be noted that while I watch a large range of movie and television show genres, I have never been a fan of true Sci-Fi. My dad was a Star Wars and Star Trek fan, but I've never seen any of the movies (save small bits and pieces), and I've never watched even one episode of any of the Stark Trek series.

I dislike Sci Fi. Spaceships and aliens and jargon that is completely made up by a group of men who spent an extraordinary amount of time masturbating. You don't think so? Go look at the outfits they put the space chicks in. Oh, please.

So, on the surface, I have absolutely zero reason to watch Battlestar Galactica. A few things that had me lingering on the title at the library:

1) Joss Whedon loves the show.
2) A large group of my seemingly intelligent friends find it good. This is not necessarily a winning argument, as they also like The Office.
3) Tahmoh Penikett, who played Paul Ballard on Dollhouse, played Helo on BSG. He's not a top 20 Whedonverse actor, but I do love his face, and I do stick by my alumni. So I knew the day would eventually come.
4) Jamie Berber was in the Season 2 premiere of Dollhouse, as Eliza's husband. Mind you, I do not remember him at all. But it's yet one more motivator.

The main catalyst, however, was Jane Espenson. Jane is one of my favorite Whedonverse writers. She has serious talent, and really makes you feel what the characters are feeling. She's one of those I love following. So when word got out that she was helming a new show, Caprica, I was immediately on board. Then immediately horrified to discover I couldn't understand ANYTHING about episode 1, because I had not seen anything of BSG.