Thursday, June 17, 2010

TV Meme Day 16 - Guilty Pleasures

Day 16 - Your guilty pleasure show

I was going to do a two-day entry, since I didn't get to yesterday's question, but then I saw the question for today. That deserves its own entry. Hopefully to be actually posted today.

I define a guilty pleasure show as something you're rather embarassed to admit you enjoy watching. If ever there was a show that gave me reason to have shame, it would be America's Next Top Model.

I started watching the show during the fifth season (NO, I will NOT call it a cycle), towards the end. I was intrigued, so I started watching the reruns. I watched mostly like this O_O. What a train wreck of a show this is. How can I not watch everysingleepisodeever?!

I'm two seasons behind, though my DVD has picked up Oxygen's rerun of the lastest season. I'll get there someday. And honestly, it stopped being something worth watching quite a long while back, but it's almost impossible to stop. It's like cigarettes. Or Pringles.

I despise Tyra Banks. I mean, I despise her as much as she loves herself*. She's disgustingly fake. And what's sad is, during the first two or three seasons, she seemed like a very real role model. She was there on set, supporting the girls, working with them. And then, I don't know. Apparently she gained weight, hair, and Stupid Bitchitude. I didn't think getting a big ass made you evil and hypocritical.

But I love watching these girls kill themselves for something as pointless as this show. I'm not saying modeling is pointless. I enjoy high fashion photo spreads in magazines. Not the fake shit in Seventeen and Cosmopolitan, I mean the artistic pieces, such as the ones in Interview. I barely read the articles in that magazine anymore, but I love the gorgeous photo spreads. So I can see a model being useful for that.

But I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen any of these girls in something that was not ANTM related. And that includes the winners.

This show is so dramatic. That's the fun part. These photo shoots are absolutely batshit insane, dreamed up by someone who thinks barking like a rabid dog on her talk show is appropriate, so what would I expect? The household drama, the constant medical drama. I really want there to be a slapfest that gets one of the girls kicked out. I'm REALLY looking forward to that. It's coming.

The show's been on for something like 12 seasons now, and do you know how many winners I've been happy about? Legitimately happy, not happy because one of the other idiots didn't win? One. (Go Eva!)

So why do I watch this show?

Because I love drama, and I love mocking Tyra Banks.

::shrug:: That's why it's a guilty pleasure.

* Damn. I totally thought I made that up, but apparently not? ^


  1. Natascha loves this. It hurts my head to watch. But sometimes she makes me watch.

    Sometimes mocking really is the best part television.

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