Thursday, August 19, 2010

Movie Meme Day 19 - Whatta cast

31 Day Movie Meme

Would you like to touch my penis?

Day 19 - Best movie cast

How could any movie possibly be higher than Can’t Hardly Wait on the list of best movie cast? I don’t understand how that’s possible, especially for anyone whose teen heyday was the 1990’s.

Before I say anyone else, let’s cover the BTVS alumni featured in here.

  • Seth Green (Oz) - Kenny
  • Amber Benson (Tara) - Stoned Girl (aka Banana girl)
  • Eric Balfour (Jesse) - Stoned Boy (aka Brownie boy)
  • Paige Moss (Veruca) - Ashley (“Chester Cheatah!”)
  • Clea DuVall (Marcie) - Jana (“I’m allergic to dancing”)
  • Nicole Bilderback (Unnamed Cordette) - Ready to have sex girl
  • Christopher Wiehl (Owen) - One of the guys hitting on Amanda
  • John Patrick White (Pete) - Tassel Guy

That’s a HELL of a lot of amazing actors, and all but one are background actors.

Jennifer Love Hewitt, who was one of the reining scream queens of the 90’s. Ethan Embry. Lauren Ambrose. Charlie Korsmo, who will always be The Kid from Dick Tracey for me. Along with Seth Green, they are the big players, and they’re huge. Then you have Peter Facinnelli, who I didn’t have a problem with until he signed on for Twilight.

Melissa Joan Hart, Channon Roe, Sean Patrick Thomas, Donald Faison, Jaime Presley, Jason Segel (pre HIMYM), Selma Blair, Sarah Rue, Jennifer Elise Cox, Jerry O’Connell.

If ever there was a stacked cast? This is it. Almost every big named teen actor of that time was in this movie. And rather than just being a movie shoved full of them, it’s hilariously funny and smart in it's own right. It makes you wish this was your post-high school graduation experience.

I’m still rather bitter it wasn’t mine.

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