Saturday, August 21, 2010

Movie Meme Day 21 - Theirs is a Forbidden Love

31 Day Movie Meme

Let’s thank the sexy and amazing Liz for her guest blog yesterday! Liz is amazing and awesome and please go check out her blog. Give her some Guns ‘n’ Roses love, she’ll be yours forever. I haven’t seen Zach and Miri yet, but it’s on my list. I’m glad to know it gets such high praise from someone I respect. :)


Day 21 - Favorite romantic couple

This was a difficult one for me. I dislike romantic movies. I dislike romantic comedies, chick flicks, and all things involving forbidden/lost/long distance/past/insert your own type of love. So I had to strain my brain a bit.

I had no desire to see the Lord of the Rings movies when they first came out. Same thing with the entire Harry Potter series. Turns out a giant chess set won my attention with HP, and Orlando Bloom won me over for Lord of the Rings. TBF’s then boyfriend, who turned out to be a fuckwad, was a huge fan of the series, and insisted the lot of us watch.

I’m a huge fan of Liv Tyler, and she was really the only actor I was looking forward to in this movie. Yes, I know who Sean Astin is, yes, Elijah Wood, but honestly, who gives a fluck? It’s Liv freaking Tyler. Empire Records, for crying out loud.

The relationship between Aragorn and Arwen grabbed my attention from the start. She is so soft and sweet, and he’s so hard and tortured. I mean, this is my perfect couple here. And we get all of the things romantic movies give you. Theirs is a forbidden love, two different ethnicities, warriors, being kept apart, blah blah blah. But really, they’re just hella pretty.

After seeing Two Towers, Fuckwad informed me that in the books, Aragorn and Arwen don’t end up together. He ends up with Eomer. I immediately despised her and wanted to claw her eyes out. I was furious, and swore I wouldn’t watch the third movie. Luckily for me, Hollywood despises literature, and they changed it. Just for me.

I adore this relationship. Other than Orlando Blooms prettiness, it’s my favorite part of the films.


  1. The Orlando Bloom love makes me smile. :-D

  2. The roommate and I fast forward through all the Sam and Frodo bits because, well, they're boring so we can get to the Legolas and Aragorn prettiness.

  3. Uh... no, they don't. The BFF's rotten ex lied, bigtime. Aragorn winds up with Arwen in the books in exactly the same way as in the movie. Farmir marries Eowyn. Eomer, her brother (now that would have been a different book if he'd wound up with Aragorn), marries an elf princess and has a son named, a kid you not, Elfwine the Fair.

  4. " Other than Orlando Blooms prettiness, it’s my favorite part of the films." Yup. That's it exactly.