Sunday, August 1, 2010

Movie Meme Day 1: Sequels That Suck

31 Day Movie Meme

Why, god? Why? Day 01 - Sequel that should not have been made

There is SO much to choose from with this category. Bring it On Again (and again and again). Cruel Intentions 2. Wild Things (same plot, 4x more tits). But my brain actually picked this out first.

I am a huge fan of The Crow. In 1994, I was 12 years old, and this movie was god for me. I mourned Brandon Lee’s death, because he was absolutely incredible in this movie, and we would never get to see that talent (or, let’s face it, that face) in any other roles. It didn’t help that all of the interviews done with him talked of how this movie was his destiny. That’ll break a 12 year old girl’s heart faster than you can say “Damaged boys are sexy”.

In 1996, The Crow: City of Angels came out. My 14 year old brain was absolutely HORRIFIED that they would even think of making a sequel to a movie where the main actor died. However, since it was a sequel to a movie I loved, I made plans with friends to see it. I almost vomited up my popcorn.

I heard they were making YET ANOTHER ONE, and I vowed never to see it. I didn’t care if Johnny Depp was the main character, I was NOT GOING TO SEE ANY MORE CROW SEQUELS.

Those motherfuckers went and put Boreanaz in one. And of course, me being the stupid Whedonite I am, I caved. Eddie Furlong was not a selling point, despite Terminator 2/Pet Cemetary 2 love. He did not age well. Also, what’s with him and the sequels?

I found out while looking up dates on IMDB that a television show was also created. Apparently it lasted -1 seasons. As well it should. I’m ignoring the rumors I hear that they are remaking the original movie.

Hollywood needs to leave well enough alone. Back off the sequels and for cod’s sake, STOP remaking things. Unless it’s Tim Burton, who has permission from me to remake anything he damn well pleases.

Except The Crow, with Johnny Depp. As already stated above.


  1. I have seen none of The Crow films... even the original. Should I see the first one?

  2. YEEEEEEEEES. Not just because I love it, not just because Brandon Lee is fucking sexy, not just because the plot is incredible, not just because it makes me cry, not just because it has all this spooky occult urban legend stuff going on.

    You need to see it because I said so.