Friday, August 20, 2010

Movie Meme - Day 20 - Best Kiss

Oh, hi. I'm not your normal bunny. In fact, I don't associate as a bunny at all. Well, maybe after a glass of wine or two...anyway. I've known Bunny for quite some time via interwebz. We're musical soul mates. It's true.

I'm Liz. I like movies. One movie in particular that I happen to love is Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Now, yes, it is an unfortunate title, but that is the plot of the movie and all, so it works.

Like most Kevin Smith movies, it's pretty raunchy. There's fake boobs and simulated anal sex and a fuck fuck here and a fuck fuck there. But underneath it all is a very sweet love story, and I don't know about you guys, but I am a complete sucker for a good love story.

Basically it goes like this: Zack and Miri are BFF. They live together, but they have shitty jobs and are having a hard time paying the bills. Zack comes up with the idea to make some porn, because why not? People love porn and will pay a lot for it. So Zack schemes and schemes and they figure it out and they make the porn. Meanwhile, Zack is jealous of the scene Miri is going to do with another dude and Miri has her own issues with Zack's scenes. But neither of them are ready to acknowledge the feelings they have for each other, even though it's completely obvious to everyone else around them, because they've been best friends for so long.

Inevitably, Zack and Miri have a scene in the porn together. We, as an audience, are ready for them to just do it already, damn it! There's been all this tension building up for half the movie about how they're always there for each other and how they have to stick together and lalala. Finally, they have this ridiculous scene where he's delivering the milk and it's very cheesy porn-like, but finally, they get down to business. He lays her down on sacks of beans (HOT!), and he says, "We'll start kissing on a count of three? Ready? 1, 2, 3, go." And then, THEN, the most amazing Live song starts and they start kissing. It's a majorly hot kiss--so many years and so many lost moments and so many stolen glances have now built up to this kiss. Miri closes her eyes and looks like she can't even believe how hot this is. She grabs his head like she needs him to kiss her to keep on breathing. The Live song only makes this scene even more amazing and intense.

Then they do it. You know, the sex. And that's hot, too, and when it's over, they both look like the wind's been knocked out of them. Their lives are different now. They can no longer deny that they are completely in love with each other.

Of course they try to deny it and there's drama and OH NOES ARE THEY NOT GOING TO GET TOGETHER?! But of course they do because they were meant to be. They were inevitable. And so was that amazing kiss.

So...yeah. I'm going to have to rewatch this movie now. Meanwhile, here is the scene in all its glory. And if you wish to pay me a visit, you can do so here.

Thanks, Bunny!


  1. Nice. I won't see the scene since I'd rather see it in the context of the movie and I haven't seen the movie, but it's definitely going on my queue.

  2. yes yes yes!! this is one of my fave movie kisses EVER!