Thursday, September 2, 2010

September 2, 2010 (90210)


I was born in 1982. I may have been a child of the 80’s, but the majority of my pre-adult life took place in the 90’s. And oh, how I was a fan of Beverly Hills 90210.

I started watching because of my sister. She was four years older than I was, and she did everything before I did. She was a fan of Bon Jovi and Nirvana first. She understood what was happening in Dirty Dancing before I did. My sister and I may have one of the worst relationships of any siblings (short of the Menendez brothers), but if it weren’t for her, I might have missed out on a lot of really amazing things that took place in the 80’s and 90’s.

I watched this show religiously. It premiered in 1990, when I was eight years old. So obviously, I did NOT understand what the hell was going on. I knew two things.

172pm3 One: Dylan was HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT.



Yes, I was eight. I was very mature for my age. Dylan was going to fall in love with me once I got to California.

Those were the only boys on the show I thought were cute. David Silver was too nerdy (does everyone remember when David was a nerd, and not the cool guy banging Donna?), and Steve?

3x01-Misery-Loves-Company-beverly-hills-90210-13126386-720-480  I was young, but not blind. I mean, really? Not just a mullet, but a CURLY PEROXIDE BLONDE mullet? No, thanks. Really.


As for the girls, I loved Brenda. Shannon Dougherty may have been a crazy bitch in real life, but she will always be Brenda for me. A good girl who wanted SO badly to be a bad girl. Mind you, I wanted to rip her hair out and scratch her eyes out every time she got close to Dylan, but still. LOVED HER.

I hated Kelly. Kelly reminded me of the girls in school who were mean to me, and thought they were too good for everyone. I liked when bad things happened to Kelly. Donna was boring. I understand why she and David got together. They were both boring.

Once the gang graduated high school and Brenda “left for Paris”, I stopped watching. I saw a handful of episodes of the later seasons, and then once SoapNET started airing reruns I caught even more. Emma Caulfield (Anya from BTVS) played a big part in Season 6, so I watched those episodes. But I couldn’t tell you anything major about those plot lines.

The episodes/plot lines I remember most vividly:

  • Brenda attempting to dye her hair blonde to get Dylan’s attention.

I remember it turning a really horrendous shade of orange. And as she jogged on a main road in the world’s most tragic tank top and early 90’s shorts, Dylan came by (maybe on his motorcycle?), and they flirted about how he liked blondes, brunettes, and girls in tank tops.

  • David’s friend shooting himself.

Can’t remember the kid’s name. I know he was very blonde. And he and David were in his father’s study, and he pulled out the gun and accidentally shot himself. Oh, the trauma. A Very Special Episode of BH 90210.

  • The slumber party

There was an episode where all the girls were sleeping at Donna’s house, including Andrea when she was still uber nerd and not friends with anyone. Kelly’s bitchass cousin was there, and they played Skeletons in the Closet. And, of course, everyone had some deep horrible secret to share, and somehow Bitchass Cousin knew about all of them. There was ice cream with popcorn in it, which is still such a disgusting idea to me. That was another VSE.

  • The pregnancy test

Don’t know how soon after the first time Brenda and Dylan (gasp!) Did It. But her parents were separating their trash for recycling (green before its time), and found an empty pregnancy test box. I don’t remember any details from that episode, but I remember thinking how glad I was my parents weren’t recyclers. (Again, I was 8. What was wrong with me?)

  • The stolen car

This goes along with the slumber party episode, I think. I’m pretty sure it was. Where Steve and Brandon got fake IDs to get into a club, and met two “hot chicks”, who promptly stole Steve’s car.

If pressed about episodes, those are the ones I remember.

Happy 9/02/10 day, everyone.

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