Saturday, September 18, 2010

Go. Yay. Rah.


As I’ve mentioned several times over, I follow my Whedonverse people to whatever projects they choose. This has led to goodness, and it’s led to awfulness.

Enter the CW’s Hellcats.

When it comes to the projects DB Woodside picks, it’s always a toss-up. He was on Buffy, first of all. He also did an incredible job as a pedophile on CSI, which is horribly upsetting because he’s so goddamn sexy. But he was also on HawthoRNe and Viva Laughlin. Like I said. It’s a toss up.

I hate pretty much every show on the CW. It’s really gross the type of programming they use. I miss the WB. Which…Dawson’s Creek. I shouldn’t miss the WB. But between One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl and all that rot, the CW is pretty much dead to me other than ANTM.

I saw the previews for Hellcats, and thought, “Enh. Bring it On in a television show. Fuck that.” Then it showed up on DB’s IMDB page, and I had kittens. Fuck me, I have to watch this. I waited until my DVR had scooped up two of them before I gave it a shot.

This show makes my eyes roll so much I look epileptic. The plot is trying to be deep and failing miserably. The deep Full House moments are so contrived and ridiculous. Ooh, bitchy cheerleaders! Oooh, super perky happy cheerleaders! How innovative!

Of course, then this walked on my screen.


Well. When you put it that way.

The choreography, which would be something to make me watch the show on its own merits (you know, if I was brain dead), is actually incredible. The moves are modern, and more hip hop than cheerleader, which I have a deep appreciation for.

So, because I’m stuck watching it for DB, I won’t be complaining.

As much.

Go team.


  1. Is there a gay character? If there isn't... what's the point?

  2. Not yet. But cod know, it's only a matter of time before we get a token. :)

  3. You need to post more. I miss it.