Monday, March 8, 2010


When one has too many entries waiting to be posted, what should they do?

Post something completely random, of course.

Several movies, at least one TV show, and a rockin' concert, and I decide to post a Television meme. Because that is how I roll.

- Bold all of the following TV shows which you’ve ever seen 3 or more episodes of in your lifetime.
- Italicize a show if you’re positive you’ve seen every episode of it.

Doing this because it at least gives an idea of my television taste. And it shows just how devoted I am to a certain set of actors.

* 24
Eric Balfour (Jesse on BTVS) and Gina Torres (Jasmine on Angel, Zoe on Firefly).

* 30 Rock
* 7th Heaven
Sarah Thompson (Eve on Angel)

* Alias
Robin Sachs (Ethan on BTVS) and Gina Torres

* All That
Not the later seasons, but when it first came out on “Snick”.

* American Gothic
* America’s Next Top Model
I’m behind about two seasons at this point. Note: I said season, not “Cycle”. I hate Tyra Banks.

* Angel

* Arrested Development
* Babylon 5
* Batman: The Animated Series
* Battlestar Galactica (the old one)
* Battlestar Galactica (the new one)
* Baywatch
* Beverly Hills 90210 (original)
Hell, yeah! And not just because Emma Caulfield (Anya on BTVS) and Robia Lamorte (Jenny on BTVS) were on it. Quit around the time Tiffany-Amber Thiessen came on.

* Bewitched
One of the shows on DVD I’m trying to catch up on. I loved it when I was little. Original Darren all the way!

* Bonanza
* Bones
Waiting for Season 4 on DVD, and I’ve only seen 1 episode of Season 5. Spoiled as all hell for those two seasons, though. Against my will. Sigh.

* Bosom Buddies
* Boston Legal
* Boy Meets World
* Brothers And Sisters
* Buffy the Vampire Slayer

* Californication
* Carnivale
* Chappelle’s Show
Have seen clips, but never full episodes.

* Charlie’s Angels
* Charmed
Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia on Angel and BTVS), Brigid Brannagh (Virginia on Angel), and Charlie Weber (Ben on BTVS)

* Cheers
Watched it when I was little. Wouldn’t mind doing a DVD watch on it.

* Chuck
Adam Baldwin (Jayne on Firefly, Marcus Hamilton on Angel). I don’t particularly care for this show, and have only seen Season 1. Will catch up eventually.

* Clarissa Explains it All
I wouldn’t presume to say I’ve seen them all, but I lived for this show when I was younger. I have S1 on DVD, would like to own the rest.

* Columbo
* Commander in Chief
* Crossing Jordan
I was up to date on all of them until Grissom left. I love Lawrence Fishburne, but it’s not the same without him.

* CSI: Miami
* Curb Your Enthusiasm
* Daria
Including the “Is It College Yet?” I heart Daria.

* Dark Angel
* Dark Skies
* DaVinci’s Inquest
Jewel Staite (Kaylee on Firefly)

* Dawson’s Creek
* Dead Like Me

* Deadwood
* Degrassi: The Next Generation
* Designing Women
I liked Suzanne.

* Desperate Housewives
Nathan Fillion (Mal on Firefly, Caleb on BTVS) and Julie Benz.

* Dexter
Haven’t seen Season 4 yet. Spoiled big time for it. :-(

* Dharma & Greg
* Different Strokes
* Doctor Who
* Doug

* Dragnet
I tried rewatching this on DVD, but found it much more boring than I remembered from childhood. I’ll try again.

* Due South
* ER
Various and sundry BTVS actors, plus the helicopter episode.

* Everwood
* Everybody Loves Raymond
* Facts of Life
* Family Guy

* Farscape
* Fawlty Towers
It makes me sad that I’ve seen all of these. I would like to see more.

* Felicity
* Firefly

* Frasier
Watched the entire series via DVD. I love this show.

* Freaks & Geeks
* Friends
Downloaded the entire series. Very quotable. I liked Phoebe.

* Fringe
* Futurama
* Get Smart
Working my way through the seasons. I have Season 5 on hold right now.

* Gilligan’s Island
* Gilmore Girls
Danny Strong (Jonathon, BTVS)

* Gossip Girl
Effing Michelle Trachtenberg (Dawn on BTVS) and Gina Torres. I hate that my people make me have a reason to watch this tripe.

* Grey’s Anatomy
Seth Green (Oz, BTVS) and Kallie Rocha (Halfrek/Cecily, BTVS)

* Grange Hill
* Growing Pains
I wouldn’t mind a rewatch of this show. It was great.

* Gunsmoke
* Happy Days
I have no idea how many of these episodes I watched back in the day. I’m sure it was more than 3. Does the Weezer video count?

* Hell’s Kitchen
* Hercules: the Legendary Journeys
* Heroes
* Home Improvement
Not a big fan, but I did watch some.

* Homicide: Life on the Street
* House
It KILLS ME that I’ve not seen any of Season 6 yet.

* I Dream of Jeannie
* I Love Lucy
Classic Nick at Nite.

* Invader Zim
* Invasion
* Jackass
* Joey
* Kim Possible
* Knight Rider
* Knight Rider: 2008
* Kung Fu
* Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
* La Femme Nikita
* LA Law
* Laverne and Shirley
I did watch this back in the day. I liked Laverne.

* Law and Order
Elisabeth Rohm (Kate on Angel) and various and sundry.

* Law and Order: SVU
Another current DVD rewatch. Just finished Season 7, awaiting Season 8.

* Law and Order: CI
* Leverage
Haven’t seen the second half of Season 2 yet. I have it waiting to be watched, though. I adore this show.

* Little House on the Prairie
* Lizzie McGuire
I liked this show. Oh, Hilary. How fast they fall.

* Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
* Lost
Not even for Daniel Dae Kim will I watch this show. Maybe once it’s over I’ll give it a shot.

* Lost in Space
* MacGyver
* Malcolm in the Middle
* Married… With Children
I prefer Happily Ever After.

* McLeod’s Daughters
* Medium
* Melrose Place
The early seasons. Stopped around the time Kimberly went insane.

* Miami Vice
* Mission: Impossible
* Mod Squad
* Monk
I was close to having seen all of them before loss of cable.

* Mork & Mindy
I loved Robin Williams from an early age.

* Murphy Brown
I don’t think I ever really got the plots.

* My Life As A Dog
* My Three Sons
Nick at Nite child.

* My Two Dads
LOVED this show.

* Mythbusters
* Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide
* Nip/Tuck
* Numb3rs
Caught up on all of the DVDs, waiting for Season 6 on DVD. Amazing show. Have a blog entry ready, just need to post it.

* One Tree Hill
* Oz
* Parks and Recreation
* Perry Mason
* Power Rangers
* Press Gang
* Prison Break
* Private Practice
Emma Caulfield, Alexis Denisof (Wesley on BTVS and Angel, Daniel Perrin on Dollhouse), Amber Benson

* Privileged
* Profiler
* Project Runway
Haven’t started Season 7 yet. I’ve only ever really agreed with Jeffrey and Jay. Otherwise, the judges are ALWAYS wrong.

* Psych
I love this show. Haven’t seen the latest season. Need to download.

* Pushing Daisies
* Quantum Leap
Totally watched this back in the day.

* Queer As Folk (US)
* Queer as Folk (UK)
* ReGenesis
* Remington Steele
* Rescue Me
* Road Rules
Watched the Australia season, that was it.

* Roseanne
Thank you, Oxygen. I did like this show until the last season. Glenn Quinn RIP.

* Roswell
Julie Benz (Darla on BTVS and Angel)

* Sanctuary
* Saturday Night Live
Prefer the old school episodes to newer.

* Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?

* Scrubs
* Seaquest DSV
* Seinfeld
* Sex and the City
* Six Feet Under
Eric Balfour. Never really got into this.

* Skins
* Sister Sister
Bianca Lawson (Kendra, BTVS)

* Slings and Arrows
* Smallville
James Marsters (Spike, BTVS and Angel)

* So Weird
* South of Nowhere
* South Park
Once was more than enough. And I was made to watch the movie. Thanks, ex-boyfriend.

* Spaced
* Spongebob Squarepants
Again, thanks, ex-boyfriend. And my godson adores this. He’s young, it’s forgivable.

* St. Elsewhere
* Star Trek
* Star Trek: The Next Generation
* Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
* Star Trek: Voyager
* Star Trek: Enterprise
* Stargate Atlantis
Jewel Staite

* Stargate SG-1
* Starsky & Hutch
* Superman
* Supernatural
Julie Benz, Amber Benson (Tara, BTVS), Mercedes McNab (Harmony, BTVS and Angel). Never really blew my skirt up, but I’m willing to try again. Much later.

* Surface
* Survivor
* Taxi
Did love this show. Need to see it again.

* Teen Titans
* That 70’s Show
This show crawled with BTVS alumni. Never watched an episode without one of them in it.

* That’s So Raven
Bite me, it’s a good show.

* The 4400
Summer Glau (River, Firefly and Ballerina, Angel)

* The Addams Family
Prefer the movies.

* The Amazing Race
* The Andy Griffith Show
* The A-Team
* The Avengers
* The Beverly Hillbillies
Never cared for it.

* The Big Bang Theory
* The Brady Bunch
I liked Alice.

* The Cosby Show
Loved it.

* The Daily Show

* The Dead Zone
* The Dick Van Dyke Show
Finished it on DVD rewatch. Just as good and funny as I remembered.

* The Flintstones
I watched it, but it was nowhere near my favorite.

* The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Such a great show. It had the 30 minute moral problem, but so funny, and smart.

* The Golden Girls
Rose and Sophia were my girls.

* The Honeymooners
* The Jeffersons
Never liked it all that much. Did like the theme song.

* The Jetsons
* The L Word
* The Love Boat
* The Magnificent Seven
* The Mary Tyler Moore Show
LOVED. Even more than Dick Van Dyke. I wanted her apartment. Have convinced the library to order Season 1, but can’t get them to buy more.

* The Monkees
Oh, Davy. Did anyone not love you?

* The Munsters
* The Office (US)
I hated Season 1. I’m trying to force myself to move on to Season 2, at everyone’s insistence. But ungh.

* The Powerpuff Girls
* The Pretender
* The Real World
I smartened up and stopped watching. It stopped being good around Hawaii. The first few seasons will always be the best.

* The Shield
Gina Torres

* The Simpsons
* The Six Million Dollar Man
* The Sopranos
* The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
* The Twilight Zone
Doing a DVD rewatch of this. Loved this show. Prefer the creepy episodes to the “meaningful” ones.

* The Waltons
* The West Wing
* The Whitest Kids U’ Know
* The Wonder Years
Oh, how I loved. It took a long time for me to realize the background voice wasn’t Fred Savage.

* The X-Files
The first couple of seasons were the best, then I gave up.

* Third Watch
* Three’s Company
* Twin Peaks
* Twitch City
* Unfabulous
* Ugly Betty
* Veronica Mars
Charisma Carpenter, and Joss’s episode. Didn’t care for this show at all.

* Weeds
* Whose Line is it Anyway? (US)
Whose Line is it Anyway? (UK)
These shows never stop being funny, even on multiple repeats.

* Will and Grace
DVD rewatch. Don’t understand why I didn’t keep up with this show while it was on the air.

* Wings
Watched it whenever I caught it, but never sought it out.

* Wonder Showzen
* Xena: Warrior Princess

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  1. How on earth have you lived in the United States your entire life yet have seen less than three episodes of any Star Trek or Little House on the Prairie (also known as The Show That Makes People Cry Constantly Except When Nellie Oleson Is On)?